Access Statement for Jollydays Glamping

Our aim at Jollydays Glamping is to provide a service and experience to that of camping, without all the trouble of having to set up your own tent. As such many of the facilities are not able to accommodate those with mobility difficulties. The following statement is a summary of what we can provide and if you have any questions please do not be afraid to contact us via our ‘contact us’ page.


  • We cater for any groups of people for most of the year; however during school holidays we can only accommodate couples and family groups, unless a whole camp booking is made. Details of this can be found on the prices section of the website.
  • Booking online is the only way to book, this is to prevent double bookings and so everyone then reads the terms and conditions and understands the wild nature of the site, booking in advance is suggested as many popular nights are fully booked weeks in advance.
  • Further Details about booking can be found on our availability and booking page.
  • Being driven and driving to the site is the most effective way to arrive. This is because the train station is 25 minutes’ drive away and the nearest bus stop is about a 20 minute walk.
  • Profoundly deaf and blind people must be accompanied by able bodied people who would be able to assist in the event of an emergency (listen for smoke alarms in camp evacuation ETC) as staff are not on site 24 hours per day.


  • On arrival you will be shown into the tea tent, which has ramp accessibility, to be shown around and to process your arrival. Cars can then be driven towards the tents to unload, many tents are still a small walk from the nearest road and so wheelbarrows are provided make the journey easier. Once unloaded we ask for the cars to then be parked in the car park at the entrance to the site. This is to prevent wildlife and guest disruption as much as possible.
  • If a person’s mobility is an issue, parking may be catered for closer to the tent, but very few tents have access less than 10 meters from the road. As such a small walk would still be required.
  • Many tents have access only via stairs due to the size of the plots. As such a person must be able to climb steps – although see under facilities for a ramped Lodge tent.
  • The roads and paths are very uneven due to the nature of the woodland and as such can cause trip hazards to anybody; they are just a stoned road susceptible to potholes. Those struggling to walk will have great difficulty.


  • The lighting is very limited in the tents – we supply our guests with a lantern, tea lights and candles, due to having only 10kw of electricity throughout the whole camp. The luxury and deluxe tents have a low voltage electric light in the kitchen.
  • The communal toilets, showers and the tea tent have low voltage lighting – however you will need a torch to walk from your tents to the communal area and car park at night – please note we are in the country and it is very dark at night!


  • The facilities are not generally wheelchair accessible as to get to toilets and showers you must either climb into a bath, in the luxury and deluxe tents, or climb stairs to the public facilities at the start to the camp.
  • The tea tent does have ramp access along with the reception and one tent.
  • We do have one Lodge tent which is close to the track and has a shower rather than a bath; it also has a ramped access and is potentially suitable for wheel chair users with assistance. If a customer has mobility issues we can allow parking outside the tent. Customers with disabilities must have an able bodied person with them to offer assistance during emergencies (The site is not manned 24 hours a day)
  • At present there is no Laundry service, this is due to the fact that the one we had was not used and so was abandoned.
  • The facilities are all large cubicles, both the showers and toilets.
  • The camp fire and clay oven is situated at the tea tent and is on level ground with seating provided.
  • Food is available – bookable in advance – please see the website for further details.


  • The staff are usually somewhere on the 15 acre site between 9 and 5 Monday to Saturday. They are not situated anywhere in particular or are they easily contactable due to the nature of phone signal in the area. On a Sunday there are staff who are there to see people out and to clean the public facilities.
  • Visitors are not permitted in the camp without an appointment.
  • The office, 20 miles away, is usually manned every day.
  • Emergency numbers are provided in the welcome pack, in every tent.

The Grounds

  • The site is set in 15 Acres of the 200 Acre woodland and has all the advantages and problems of real woodland, such as branches and uneven surfaces. These are several walks around the woods, some are maintained by Jollydays.

Additional information

  • There are only a few electric sockets available to be used by the public in the tea tent and toilets – the camp has only 7.5kw of power available.
  • Phone signal can be intermittent and so should not be relied on.
  • The place is a 30 minute walk from the nearest pub along unlit roads and tracks. It is a 25 minute drive from York but there are taxis that will come to pick up from the site when called.
  • Dogs and cats are not allowed on the site, except guide dogs, to prevent danger to wildlife and woodland damage.
  • There is always a danger of fire in a woodland and so every fire point (currently 3) has a hand spun fire alarm (due to lack of electricity) and every tent has a fire extinguisher, fire blanket and smoke detector.