Terms & Conditions

Jollydays Luxury Camping Limited, also known as “Jollydays Glamping” (herein after called “Jollydays” or the “company” or “us”) reserves the right to change this website, including prices, and terms and conditions, without notice. The word “tents” refers to any type of accommodation at camp. The price includes rental of the tent and pitch, bed linen, pillow and duvet, use of the Jollydays camp and grounds (where permitted), use of water, gas, VAT, car parking and final clean check.

Not included are, among other things;

Washing of dishes, wood for the wood burner, charcoal for BBQ’s, emptying of bins and putting rubbish into the appropriate bins/recycling, sweeping of the floor, or mess confetti around the tent outside.

We also reserve the right to refuse entry to the campsite, cancel bookings, or instruct people to leave the campsite, for any reason (for example due to inappropriate behaviour, dangerous weather or site conditions.)

For any booking made by staff on your behalf on the booking system, or any other way, that you have requested or agreed (and in coming to the camp it is deemed you had requested or agreed) it is deemed that in so doing and coming to the camp, you accept the terms and conditions.

Use of the Jollydays Website constitutes acceptance of the company’s Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.


Your contact and personal details may be kept by us for future mailings and news. If you do not wish to receive these, please uncheck the “email contact” box during the enquiry or booking process online. You may also opt out of receiving emails at any time by contacting us or clicking the unsubscribe link in the e-mail. The booking process asks for your address details and phone numbers, these are required by the Local Authority so at any time we can prove you are not residents at the camp site. It also allows us to contact you should the internet fail and if we need to contact you whilst you are travelling to the campsite. Please note that your financial details are NEVER stored, nor seen, by us. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy document.

All our financial transactions are handled by SAGEPAY’s secure server. We will not pass on or sell your details to any third parties.


To secure your booking a deposit of 35% (or full payment) of the cost of your stay is required. Bookings must be paid in full 8 weeks before your visit start date. If the booking is made less than 8 weeks from the date of your stay the full price of the stay is required. Confirmation of the booking will be sent after the deposit, or full payment, has been received.

If the balance is not paid by the due date Jollydays reserves the right to re-let the tents and retain the deposit.

The person booking, where they are booking on behalf of other people, is responsible for disseminating the appropriate information to those persons that we send them. For example, these Terms and Conditions, information pack including directions and on arrival the welcome pack provided within each tent, to ensure they are fully aware of the nature of the campsite, Health and Safety issues, the wider woodland, the facilities, and appropriate any clothing and footwear they require.


Bonds may be asked against group bookings and those that contain children but are heavily weighted to adults – e.g 8 adults and 1 child. We do not take Stag groups. Silent disco’s by arrangement, and they can’t be used after 11pm (as they are not silent, even though the music is).


Guests and visitors agree to be considerate tenants and take good care of the tents and facilities during their stay. For many a break with us is focussed on relaxation and the natural nature of the camp and woodland. To ensure this we ask you to tread lightly on the landscape, without amplified music and be conscious of the needs of families with young children for relative quiet after dark and the noise curfew after 11pm (chatting is fine, we’re not asking for total silence as we recognise many people are meeting family and friends after a long break apart and have lots to catch up on!)

We welcome large groups at Jollydays and we need to manage these groups to ensure there is no disturbance to others. Noise especially, even though good natured it can have an adverse impact on other guests. We do have a noise curfew of 11pm as many people come to the woods to enjoy peace and quiet. In a woodland noise travels very easily, ESPECIALLY AT NIGHT. We may ask for a bond of at least £50 per tent.

If we ask for a bond, admittance to the accommodation will only be permitted with presentation of the bond

This bond will be identified on your booking separately from the sum paid for the accommodation and any extras. After departure the full bond will be refunded, unless company staff are called to the tent’s, due to excessive noise after 11pm for unacceptable behaviour at any time, at the time of any disturbance or the following day. The bond will also be retained if the tent is left in an unacceptable state, or a fire has been lit on the ground – other than in the designated camp fire. (unacceptable state being defined as damage, or leaving the tent and surrounding area, in a state that means it cannot be turned around to an acceptable level on the day of departure for incoming guests and that in turn means within 2 person hours, given camp staff levels and the other tents being prepared at camp, which would have the impact of delaying entry to a tent for incoming guests, missing facilities or equipment, or unacceptable visual impact such as staining, or having to move incoming guests to another tent).

In this instance there will be a charge of the entire bond (for 1 tent booking, and between half and the entire bond for bookings of 2 tents or more). Should the bond be forfeit and there are night/s remaining of the stay, 2 x the original bond will be required in cash as leverage against further disruption for the remaining night/s. This does not replace the company’s’ sanction of terminating a guests stay if they deem it necessary. If you are instructed to leave the camp and your stay is terminated the bond is lost in any instance.

The bond may also be lost in full or in part if malicious damage, occurs and/or exceptional litter around the tent such as confetti which takes an enormous amount of time to clear from both tents and woodland.

Please inform us during your stay of any accidental damage, so we can identify it as not malicious and replace it for you. Please allow up to 7 days for the bond to be refunded.


Prices are not binding. Jollydays reserves the right to modify prices. Any discounts and special offers cannot be used after a booking has been made. Payments are made two ways; if the booking is made 8 weeks or more weeks in advance of the arrival date you can pay in full or a deposit of 35% and the balance is then due 8 weeks before the arrival date. (If you are booking 20 or more weeks in advance of arrival and you choose to pay in full you will receive 10% early bird discount). Please contact the office hello@jollydaysglamping.co.uk if you wish to take advantage of the 10% early bird discount as the online system is not currently able to recognise this and you can pay by bank transfer and we will book it off or you. If the booking is made less than 8 weeks to the arrival date payment in full is required.

Payment is taken in UK Pounds Sterling only.

Changes to bookings

Please let us know as soon as possible. Where changes are possible and at our discretion, there will be an administration fee of £25. Changes must be made in writing by the person who made the booking.

You cannot change a booking 2 months or less prior to your arrival date


If we are forced to be shut by government or the local authority because of Covid or similar bookings will be non refundable as below, but will have complete flexibility to move bookings at no charge for up to 18 months from the holiday start date and therefore not lose any money in case of changes to Covid restrictions. (only if a booking is moved to a more expensive time will any difference be due) As always, we strongly recommend bookings still get travel / cancellation insurance, in case of self isolation or illness whilst we are open and operating.

Any cancellation or reduction of booking is non refundable (often we may have turned other bookings away due to your booking and depending on how close to the arrival date if a cancellation is made the tent would then remain empty). If the cancellation is made 12 weeks or more away from the arrival date monies are not refunded, we are more than happy for you to rearrange your booking to another time for an admin fee of £39 per booking. If you leave early from camp the days not taken are non refundable. For clarity, if you reduce your booking any deposit or balance paid for the cancelled accommodation cannot be put against the remaining accommodation. If cancellation is more than 12 weeks from the arrival date, it may be able to be used as a credit for another future booking, subject to the terms described above, or you should claim it on your travel insurance.

Any cancellation or change must be confirmed in writing / email, by the person who made the booking.

We strongly advise visitors to take out full holiday insurance to cover cancellations, public liability, personal belongings, loss etc.

Should we need to evacuate the camp for any reason, you must observe the instructions of the staff. In such an event you will get any nights missed as a credit to the value per night as the accommodation price divided by number of nights booked plus 20%.

In the event we are forced to close the camp (for instance due to very cold weather and frozen water pipes) and we are forced to cancel your holiday we shall inform you as soon as possible and rearrange your booking, for bookings paid in full, for a future stay at either of our camps. We are not liable for refunds or expenses you incur in the event we are prevented from fulfilling your booking as a result of circumstances beyond our control. Such circumstances include, but are not limited to, war, terrorism, riots or civil unrest, industrial action, flooding, natural disaster, epidemics, health risks or such similar events, “Force Majeure”. We again recommend that you have adequate holiday insurance to cover this. Any rearranged bookings lower in value the difference is non refundable. Any higher in value the difference if the new date is / unit is more in value than the original booking would be due 8 weeks before the new arrival date.

1st April 2020


This special notice is to clarify the terms and conditions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and closure of the camp as instructed by HM Government. It will remain as part of the terms and conditions indefinitely whilst this notice remains on the website as part of the terms and conditions. It will apply to any forced closure, or part closure of the camp, for whatever reason and being forced to cancel a booking.

We fully understand the inconvenience of your holiday being cancelled and having to wait such a long time to enjoy it. However, the impact on our business is that we are providing you the equivalent of two holidays for the price of one. We have effectively become the insurers of last resort to everyone who has booked holidays with us. We do not insure guests holidays. We have always paid for Business Interuption Insurance. As you may have read in the press, COVID-19 claims are excluded from this, and we are being denied cover. As part of deferring your booking to a new date (for any reason that we agree to rearrange a booking), we are therefore asking that you agree to the following additional terms and conditions:

  • That you take out holiday cancellation insurance as soon as practical, so that your booking is covered.
  • That you agree that you are booking under our current T’s and C’s, (if there has been any changes to the terms and conditions between booking your original booking and rearranging your booking to new dates).
  • That the original booking has been paid in full. We can only defer bookings that have been paid to the full original booking amount. (As mentioned above if the new date has a higher price the difference will be due as a balance, i.e. 8 weeks before the arrival date, or immediately if the new arrival date is less than 8 weeks away from the booking was moved.)

Arrival and Departure Times

Tents are generally ready by 4pm so we ask for arrivals between 4 and 6.30pm. Please advise us of your estimated arrival time. If you are likely to be later than 6.30pm please let us know so we can arrange for your welcome pack and camp map to be left in the tea tent for you, as staff may not be in camp after this time. (please bear in mind it would mean in the instance of any unlikely issues arising after arrival would not be able to be resolved till the following morning.

Guests are requested to vacate their tents by 10.30am on day of departure and please ensure before doing so you clear the tent as required;

  • sweep through tent,
  • remove all rubbish to the appropriate bins/recycling,
  • ensure no litter outside or around the tents, (this is vital to ensure safety to wildlife) PLEASE NO CONFETTI
  • wash up
  • clear the wood stove and bbq (please do not throw ash in to the woodland put in the metal buckets provided and staff will remove)
  • Please return equipment to the utility shed and / or if in a group of more than 1 tent – please return equipment to correct tentThe next guests will really appreciate it.

Your visit to the Campsite and Wider Woodland

Guests and visitors agree to be considerate tenants and to take good care of the tents and facilities during their stay. Guests and visitors agree not to act in any way which would cause disturbance to other guests. No pets are allowed at the campsite (due to wildlife and bird rearing). Should any facilities, equipment, or inventory, be damaged wilfully, as a result of inappropriate usage or behaviour, or a as a direct result of failing to respond to instructions from company staff you will be held responsible for the cost of repair or replacement of that item. The company cannot accept responsibility from any loss, damage, or expense arising from industrial action, terrorist activity, adverse weather conditions or any other event outside the control of the company. (For clarity, this includes guests parking their cars and driving throughout the site, entirely at their own risk).


Our aim is to keep car use to a minimum and ensure we have emergency access, people don’t see cars from their tents and children can roam free relatively safely. We ask that you walk about the camp except for loading and unloading on arrival and departure and park in the car parks provided. (With the exception of any persons with limited mobility that need close access to the tent from a vehicle, please let us know in advance if you think you will need clear access as not all tents are near vehicle tracks). We don’t allow campervans at camp with people staying in them overnight as we don’t have facilities for this.


This bit is REALLY important. We want you to have a good time (so are now going to try and put you off coming!) however we want to ensure if you do come it is with realistic expectations and you are prepared. This will ensure that you don’t arrive and get upset at the camp (and we don’t get upset that you weren’t happy) and you spend your money on experiences more suited to your tastes.

Please be aware that whilst “glamping” is posh camping, with insulation, windows and doors, and a degree of heating, it is still camping, which means it is not a hotel, you are outside, close to nature. It’s the woods – In Britain which means, insects, cold periods, mud and rain. Bothies are semi self catering with a 2 ring gas hob, fridge, washing up sink, basic cutlery and utensils and a charcoal bbq on the veranda. Woodcutter huts have a 2 ring gas hob, cool box, charcoal bbq on the veranda, with washing up done in the glorious converted bath house. The woods and camp has limited electricity. You won’t find WiFi in the woods but we promise you’ll find a better connection. This is 100% no frills escape from most electronica where you are free to enjoy Shinrin-yoku or Forest Bathing. We’re not a proper resort by a long shot, we’re just connecting people to the simple pleasure of simpler times. It’s the way we like it (and many people, especially parents tell us not to add more electricity), and it’s not for everyone. If this is a problem then our camp is probably not for you and it’s better we all know now rather than having an unpleasant time.


We currently operate self check in. Jollydays is a self catering experience so there are not staff present all the time, or they may be working in the woodland. Depending on when you arrive you may have to find your own way to your tent. There are no public rights of way through the camp and the woodland so the general public are not allowed into camp, the only people you should see are other campers, staff or estate workers. The tents are not lockable and we have never had a problem with theft however we do advise guests not to leave valuables unattended inside.

The camp is NOT manned at all times. There are normally staff in the mornings so please let them know if you need anything, or have any queries. We do have a camp phone and the office is off site, and again these are not manned all the time so calls and emails may not be answered immediately and there may be a delay in responding. Particularly important if you are likely to arrive on your first evening later than 6.30pm please let us know so we can arrange for your welcome pack and camp map to be left in the tea tent for you, as staff may not be in camp after this time. (please bear in mind it would mean in the instance of any unlikely issues arising after arrival would not be able to be resolved till the following morning).


Please be aware, there is barely any electricity at camp.

Most guests appreciate and enjoy this opportunity to escape “electronica” however this does mean extremely limited lighting and the tents can be dark after sunset or on dark cloudy days under the tree canopy. This also means solar lighting is not effective, (we have experimented several times over the years) Whilst there are tea lights for moving around in the dark or reading please bring a torch or battery lantern.


By is very nature Jollydays is a campsite in a natural environment. In working to preserve and enhance the woodland and it’s bio diversity and create a sense of freedom which is part of the charm and why many people come, there are natural hazards, such as ponds, tree roots, poisonous plants, and extremely limited lighting after dark and depending upon weather conditions, cold, wet and slippery surfaces.

Camping in Britain can mean dramatic variance in weather in a short period of time (“4 seasons in one day”). Whilst we supply certain facilities and equipment, it is still camping and you are responsible for your own well being and comfort regarding appropriate clothing and footwear etc. In extreme weather conditions at the camp, such as exceptional cold and snow, where existing and/or forecast we do our best to warn guests and give guests the option to move dates (subject to availability) without being subject to the cancellation policy administration handling charge, or loss of any monies. Also because of the nature of the camp and its location, there is limited electricity in the accommodation and none in the woodcutters.

There may be instances where the camp and tents suffer from an interruption in electrical and water supply. Only a frozen water supply as stated above is a potential cause for cancellation and refund as electricity is not deemed critical to Jollydays holiday experience. Where a tent suffers a break in electricity supply staff will supply paraffin or battery operated lanterns. A break in electricity supply does not affect gas hobs and toilets, only any electric lights and hot water. If the break in electricity supply is prolonged and likely to last more than 8 hours, staff will offer, if available, affected guests to move tents, although this will not be possible if the supply to the whole camp is affected (by the electric board).

Wildlife and Insects

The woodland in which the camp is situated is a habitat to fauna, we have a 20 year Bio Diversity plan and as such other than grey squirrels, we do not control animals or insects. Thus depending upon the time of year certain creatures such as wasps, field mice and spiders may enter the tents.


Pets are not allowed into camp due to pheasants and other wildlife in the woodland. Anyone arriving with a dog will be asked to remove it immediately. Guide dogs are accepted, please let us know in advance.

The camp and woodland has no tarmacked roads or similar, which means in dry weather the tracks become very dusty and in the wet often very muddy. This along with leaves, sepals and tree pollen can get everywhere, by cars driving on the tracks, wind, shoes and can get into the tents – despite our best efforts of each tent being swept and mopped before guests arrive, this is the nature of the woodland.

If you have a young toddler who crawls we recommend you bring a “crawl mat” for them in the tent or accept that it is natural woodland earth and they may/will get muddy or dirty hands and knees and will probably need lots of showers and baths.

By booking and coming to Jollydays you agree to be responsible for your children and any dependants of children you are in charge of and your own welfare. You agree to take all reasonable precautions against personal injury, injury to others and damage to the woodland, facilities and tents, such as regarding litter, fire, noise after 11pm. Anything you bring to the campsite or wider woodland and any damage or loss to your possessions is at your own risk. You use the facilities and amenities at the camp and wider woodland at your own risk, e.g. the communal camp fire and pizza ovens. Candles and tea lights that are used in the tents must be within the candle holders and containers provided when alight. The Company accepts no responsibility from any loss or injury arising from being in the campsite or wider woodland (known as Buttercrambe Moor Wood). By booking and acknowledging these Terms and Conditions, you are aware of the risks, hazards and dangers of personal injury in entering the campsite and woodland. (For example, the woodland contains deadly poisonous mushrooms, toadstools, and fungi.) . A booklet “YOUR SAFETY MATTERS”, is given to each tent on arrival, please make yourself, your party and any children/dependants aware of the potential risks and actions to reduce the risks.

If you have any questions about your stay and require more information prior to arrival than is published on the website, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone on 01439 748457 between 9am-6pm, or send us an email using the contact form

Health and Safety

We want you to have an enjoyable experience. On arrival you will be given a “your safety matters” booklet, regarding certain risks such as fire and your safety. We ask you to read it. There are also safety signs in the accommodation.

We have 1 Lodge tent available for those with limited mobility. (please also see our “Access Statement”) because of the nature of the camp and the wider woodland guests with disabilities must be accompanied by an able bodied person who can see/hear any alarm/s and assist in taking appropriate safety/evacuation action.

Corporate and wedding events are subject to additional terms and conditions and are sent to bookings where appropriate.

Customer Complaints

In the first instance of a complaint, please speak with a member of staff in person or telephone the camp phone so we can resolve your problem.

Please address any correspondence regarding complaints to;

Sunley Hill
YO62 5XG

Please note complaints received after your stay cannot be reliably investigated and therefore most difficult to resolve. By bringing any issues to our attention at the time of your stay allows staff to try and resolve as quickly as possible and lessen any adverse impact on your stay.

Company Details

Jollydays Luxury Camping Ltd. Registered company number. 6792429, Companies House, Cardiff.

Registered office: Sunley Hill, Welburn, Nunnington, York, YO62 5XQ